Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Funky Hairstyle Trends

    We are living in a new age in all regards. Whether thinking about cars, technology, fashion or hairstyles. Because of this, why not get that 2011 funky hairstyle trend? This can mean many things to many different people.

    The Mohawk is back. Some may say that this hairstyle never truly left, but really it has become more easily accepted. With stars sporting this hairstyle in all different colors it may be a fantastic time to give it a try for yourself. 2011 funky hairstyle trends don't stop here though. New colors, getting close shaves with parts that are really long, and spikes are all types of hairstyles that are being seen more and more often.

    People sometimes forget that hair color is part of a hairstyle. This can mean getting a deep purple highlighted with white, black, or blond. Going for fire engine red, deep green, or smurf blue, may be a fantastic way to try something very different. Any of these bright colors should be done professionally, that way the best results are achieved. Often when going for a funky hairstyle, there will be some maintenance involved and this will include product. Consult the stylist that helps with the initial hairstyle and get good product from the beginning. Higher quality product makes for hair that has less split ends, is easier to manage, and keeps it healthier in the long run. Making sure a person knows how to get the same look at home can be key in a funky hairstyle.

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2011 Funky Hairstyle Trends

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