Monday, March 28, 2011

Side Swept Bangs 2011

    A new year can sometimes be a great time for a new hairstyle, and what's better than something that is both cute and trendy, like side swept bangs for 2011? There are some things to consider before going after this new look, though, and here are some thoughts.

    Choose a good stylist. If the person already has been working with one, great! Seek and use their advice before getting started. They'll know what kind of hair type, and facial shape a person is working with, therefore what kind of style may be best for them. If a new stylist needs to be looked for, then start by asking some friends who have great hair. Where do they go? Is there a particular hairstyle that is well recommended? Do they have any thoughts on a person getting side swept bangs for 2011?

    Be prepared when going into the salon. Have some ideas and pictures of the hairstyle that is in mind. Follow the simple rules of any haircut, and don't do anything extreme a day or two before a big event. Get it done earlier so there is time to learn how to work with the new hairstyle. Side swept bangs can be very flattering to many different faces and can really help a person feel better by giving them a new change. Take some time looking through the different options in magazines or on websites. Play with the hair and see where it naturally falls in front before considering the cut.

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Side Swept Bangs 2011

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