Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Wear Formal Hair 2011

    Deciding just how to wear formal hair in 2011 can depend on many things. Consider what the person will be wearing, particularly necklines, consider jewelry, and the length and type of hair that will be worked with. Next think about what hairstyles may have looked good on the person in the past.

    Often the first thing that comes to mind when considering how to wear formal hair in 2011, is to put it up off the shoulders. This isn't necessarily the wrong reaction. Sweep it up in a set of curls placed high on the head while still leaving a few well-placed tendrils loose to frame the face, and accentuate the hairstyle. Simple, and neat buns and French twists are great for formal occasions, they can be jazzed up by adding different accessories to the hairstyle. Try placing decorative barrettes, gemstones, flowers, or ribbons throughout to add to the look.

    Perhaps up just isn't the right way to wear the hair to this particular event of for this outfit. There are many ways to have it down, or in between that can still be formal. If a person's hair is straight try adding some body with loose curls. This can be done with big rollers or with an iron and the right amount or kind of product. Sweep back half away from the face with an elegant barrette or clip. If going for an in between look, place the top half of the hair up in a loose bun, or flipped and curl these sections.

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How To Wear Formal Hair 2011

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