Monday, July 18, 2011

Asian Hairstyles

    Asian hairstyles are those hairstyles for thick straight course hair that many of the Asian and many other cultures have. Asian hairstyles look healthy and sleek and may be envied for their easy care look. Asian hairstyles require a good haircut as the base and then it needs to have excellent maintenance both with regular haircuts and with a lot of product to keep it looking so healthy. This type of hairstyle also includes Korean hairstyles which may be just a bit edgier in the cut.

    Asian hairstyles may be spiky and short and gelled because this type of cut works with this type of hair texture. There may be many layers of thick hair so it lies beautifully against the head. Then to make it distinctive there may be patterns cut into it along the hair line or for a portion of the part. It may be in a King Fu type style or razor cut to thin out the thickness and let it lay against the scalp.

    Females may have long straight hair either braided in one long braid or let it swing at shoulder length. It is heavy so it needs to be styled by a professional who specializes in this type of hair texture.

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Asian Hairstyles

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