Thursday, July 21, 2011

Punk Hairstyles

    Punk hairstyles can be worn by boys and girls and men and women also. It is a fairly universal style that has been around for a while. Many of the newer punk or scene hairstyles really began as punk or Goth probably twenty years ago. Girls will often go punk to make a statement that they are not like the others. If they go Goth-punk they will generally also be dressed in black from head to toes. British rock stars really brought punk hairstyles to the forefront along with Madonna although she probably didn’t consider her hairstyle to be punk at the time.

    Today modern punk hairstyles still require some spikes like a real Mohawk. It may include a lot of designs to be cut out of the hair to emphasize the punk hairstyles look with that slight difference. It may have a dark brooding look to it or it may very brash and very loud. Punk may include vibrant colors of pinks and greens and bright blues or purple. Tufts of yellow or orange may also appear through the head of hair. Often it will be asymmetrical to rally get attention. It may also incorporate a portion of the scalp being completely shaved and lots of piercings.

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Punk Hairstyles

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