Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dark Hairstyles 2011

    Dark hairstyles 2011 are not for everyone. A very pale face doesn’t do justice to dark hairstyles 2011 but with very black hair and blue eyes that dark hairstyle will give you a strong sexy straightforward look that reeks of confidence and swagger. Dark looks can highlight dark makeup so the eyes really look sultry and come hither. No matter what color or hairstyle someone has it still has to match the skin tones.

    Just as everyone can’t go white blond neither can everyone choose a very dark hairstyle as everyone just doesn’t have the identical skin tones to carry it off. But there is nothing that says you can’t have very dark highlights on red hair or contrast very dark highlights within a brunette mix for some alluring style. The runway shows were full of models with dark hairstyles 2011 and bold eye colors and face makeup.

    If you already have dark hairstyles 2011 and you want some contrast then get a stylist to add some layers to it so you can do a romantic up do then add some hair pins for sparkly highlights. This adds a bit of glamour to your look without going way over to the punk dark look edge.

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Dark Hairstyles 2011

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