Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hair Trends for 2011

    Hair trends for 2011 seem to be all over the board as on one hand the current look is for fat loose pony tails or long loose braids with a twist. Instead of that thick braid flung to the side braids are showing up all by themselves close to the hair line or sitting at the top of a severe duck tail sleeked back cut. These alternate braids are really hot trends for hair trends for 2011. Then add some bright vibrant color to a few strands of the hair and really show off those luscious locks.

    Braids are not always easy to manage by yourself so get a friend or a family member to get you started. One thing about braids as stylish hair trends for 2011 is that those braids can be sleek and fit or they can be messy too. Once you get the hang of braiding your own hair you can then experiment with different braided looks like a herringbone look braid or a two strand braid or two braids one at each side that are gathered up into one braided look at the back of the head. You don’t need super long hair for this hair trends for 2011 look.

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Hair Trends for 2011

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