Monday, November 28, 2011

50s Hairstyles

    50s hairstyles also keep returning for several reasons. One of the reasons 50s hairstyles keeps returning is that they were often romantic and remain romantic today. In the 50s WWII just passed and the country was returning to dress parties and cocktail parties and other forms of celebrations and also there were no short supplies of materials so dresses became more feminine and hairstyles went along with that style. This was the time for Jackie Kennedy bouffant and a larger hair profile. 50s hairstyles went along with the poodle skirt and the men’s 50s hairstyles included the duck tail look.

    When you think back to the 50s you also will realize television was really just beginning so many of the movie stars of the day influenced the hairstyles of the day. Sixty years ago there were the soft curls of Annette Funicello to the shoulder length white blonde of Marilyn Monroe. It included that curly top of Lucille Ball but it also included sculpted waves but not generally tight waves or curls. So 50s hairstyle today would also be the gamut from soft curls cut medium length or that carrot top curl of Lucille Ball to the beginnings of highly teased hairstyles and some backcombing.

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50s Hairstyles

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