Friday, December 23, 2011

African American Short Hairstyles

    Do you think that African American short hairstyles aren’t for you? Do you think that you have to have straight hair or relaxed hair in order to have short hair? Well, here’s a list of African American short hairstyles—for several different types of African American hair!

    First, you have the obvious mini-fro. Of course, you’re probably thinking that’s not going to look so great on girls. However, what you’re forgetting is that you can take a mini-fro—which is just one of many great African American short hairstyles—and you can decorate it and make it more feminine. Clips, barrettes, headbands, and all of the other items that fall into that category are perfect for decorating your fro and making it ten times as girly and cute.

    Next, you have the pixie cut. African American hair is great for pixie cuts—because it’s a bit more manageable and less likely to frizz than Caucasian hair. It might require a wrap overnight (although this is also true of Caucasian hair, believe it or not), but once all is said and done, a pixie is one of many cute African American short hairstyles.

    Then, you have braids—even if you have short hair, braids are a great option for keeping your hair neat and out of the way. Not to mention that it’s way cooler in the summer when you really don’t want your hair getting all sweaty and gross and sticking to the back of your neck. It doesn’t matter what texture your hair is for this—wavy, curly, straight, or anywhere in between. If you want beads, you might have to let your hair grow out a bit (sure, not many people put beads in their hair anymore, but it could be an interesting style to bring back!).

    These are just a few examples of African American short hairstyles. What are your favorite African American short hairstyles?

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African American Short Hairstyles

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