Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long Hair Style Photos

    Long hair style photos. If you’re getting ready to have pictures taken, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with your hair. After all, when it comes to longer hair, you have way more to worry about. Short hair is easy—you just kind of wash it, comb it, and voila. Long hair takes more work.

    First of all, you want your hair to be clean. Long hair style photos need to be clean looking and so does your hair. Wash your hair and then condition it the night or the morning before. Comb out any knots and then blow dry your hair. Smooth with a brush once you’ve finished. Take the time to make sure you have absolutely no knots or matts in your hair before you take your long hair style photos.

    If you have particularly oily hair, but still want the anti-frizz properties of conditioner, you should try conditioning your hair first. Condition your hair first and then shampoo. Quick, easy, and doesn’t let your hair get oily later on. You may need to shampoo twice, however. Just in case.

    Try to keep your hair away from bleaches and other dyes before you have pictures taken. Some dyes and bleaches dry out your hair and make it look fried, especially in pictures. Unless you have hair oil that you’re going to use to make your hair look extra shiny and moisturized, it’s better to just wait a while before you dye your hair. After all, it could affect your long hair style photos!

    Then, make sure that you have good, natural lighting. This will help to bring out all the facets and highlights in your long hair style photos.

    Long hair style photos aren’t hard to work with—make sure to take your time to follow these steps and find a great photographer!

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Long Hair Style Photos

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