Friday, December 30, 2011

Punk Short Hairstyles

    Punk short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. However, figuring out what makes punk short hairstyles, well, punk is the hard part. So what exactly are punk short hairstyles?

    Well, first of all, most punk short hairstyles are either black or they’re blonde and they might have a bit of an unnatural color in them. Streaks of cherry red, blue, purple, orange, and the like are extremely common. You will find that some punk short hairstyles consist of the girl having completely unnaturally colored hair as well.

    Next, a lot of punk short hairstyles are accessorized. Punk girls don’t always wear hair accessories, but some of those that they do are: skull barrettes (especially skull barrettes), cartoon characters, roses, and other cute barrettes. Little hats that attach with a clip are also pretty popular.

    Punk hair is also very choppy—almost like how emo hair is, only shorter and a lot more vibrant. You’ll find that a lot of short punk hairstyles also include dreadlocks, braids, and even mohawks.

    Mohawks fall under the category of punk short hairstyles that EVERYONE loves. Boys have mohawks, girls, little kids (normally guys) have mohawks…it’s one of those universal hairstyles that ANYONE can wear—and many people who are into punk short hairstyles will tell you that it’s one of the most functional during the summer. It’s cool, it’s easy to cut, since you already see where you need to, and it’s easy to maintain.

    These are just a few examples of punk short hairstyles. What are your favorite hairstyles? Which ones do you think would look best on you? Part of the beauty of these types of hairstyles is that anyone can find one that they like and that they can easily pull off—punk short hairstyles have no limits!

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Punk Short Hairstyles

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